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About GCOA

Our Vision
Traveller's Compass

Developing inquisitive explorers, cultivating creative thinkers, empowering resilient learners, and engaging family and community.

The fusion of world renowned natural beauty and GCOA's new and innovative approach of weaving nature, culture, and student-led programs into the curriculum will support students to achieve goals and excel while fostering curiosity, creativity and a passion for learning.

About Us
Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy (GCOA) is an accredited Charter School opening in the fall of 2022, serving the community of Page, Arizona and surrounding Navajo Nation Reservation communities. Page has a population of nearly 8,000 and is the largest town within a 130 mile radius. A benefit of being located in the center of the Grand Circle atop the majestic Colorado Plateau, Page is surrounded by stunning geology and tribal and public lands.
Our Mission

GCOA is committed to providing an active student-centered environment through outdoor expeditionary learning, collaborative teachers, and family and community engagement that will develop inquisitive explorers, cultivate creative thinkers and empower resilient learners.

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