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March 2019

We held a public interest meeting and discussed in more detail the process of getting a charter school to Page.


February 2019

Love is in the air! Show your support by joining us for our fundraiser event Coffee & Cocoa for a Cause! LP Espresso at State 48 is generously donating 10% of proceeds to GCOA. Come get a tasty treat and meet some of our founders.

January 2019

The past month has come with much excitement and some hurdles to overcome.  Your founding team is gearing up for a fairly intense few months as we come into the final preparation period to apply for our charter.  


This month we have started taking courses with the Arizona Charter Association to help us get off to a good start and understand more about charter school laws. 


One of our hurdles this month came with the grant application.  We had two large grants in sight; however, we were not able to apply for one of them as regulations had changed and the other significantly reduced their funding so we were not able to benefit from it either.  That leaves us with our next few months being focused on fundraising and writing the charter application.  This is where YOU come in.  With just a few months to make many things happen to bring this school into reality, we need some help.  We are looking for about 3-5 individuals to add to our board.  We specifically need people with expertise in finance, marketing, and legal issues.  If you have those expertise and are willing to work with us, please contact Susan at 719-291-6079 or reply to this email.  We will be holding brief interviews as soon as possible.  

Green Plant

December 2018

Before Christmas, we had a wonderful Mommy and Me painting class with one of our founders, Amee Payne.  We were able to raise some much needed funds and enjoy a delightful afternoon of being with our kids and connecting with our inner artist.  

November 2018

Charter School coming to Page AZ in 2020! If you have not already filled this form out, please do. It is not time yet to actually enroll in the school, but this interest form helps us collect information and prove that there is a need and desire in our community for a unique and engaging school like Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy. It also helps us as we design the school to know what our community is looking for. Only one form needed per family. We will be sending periodic updates via email.  

Click the pencil to connect to our Family Interest Form.

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